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Project Details

Product Development & Innovation Consultant(Beauty Products)

Leading Indian Consumer Healthcare player

 Mumbai / Navi Mumbai

Posted on:  28/05/2021

Cinque Terre

Starts on:  15/06/2021




Insights/Market research, Brand management, Marketing communications/promotions, Digital marketing, Innovation/ New product development,


Personal &Household Products

Company Details

Leading Indian Consumer Healthcare player

Assignment Details

This position is responsible for new product development, innovation, market research and Customer preference identification, Procuring raw material, Packaging & Production planning

Creates a prototype of a new product in order to iron out flaws in the final design
Determines the process for creating a new item & Create process documentation for the same
Gathers vendors/details/documentation of the raw materials necessary to build or create the product being developed
Performs research to determine the best way to produce a particular item
Prepares reports on the various procedures that have been tried in product development
Oversees product development with partners/ CMO
Presents new ideas to corporate executives to gain permission to develop product lines
Prepares a cost analysis on the development of a new product
Creates marketing campaigns designed to inform people about new product availability
Research patents, copyrights and trademarks in order to make sure there are no infringement issues involved
Ensures that every phase of a particular project proceeds as scheduled
Make adjustments to a development plan whenever the current idea is not working well
Research on Product innovation
Customer need identification
Work on Product Formulation
Ensure Product brief signoff is done timely,
New Vendor identification and capability building,
Prototyping, Consumer testing, Packaging, Content and Artwork management
Finished goods procurement
Quality monitoring
Post launch customer feedback and iterations

Skills Required

Excellent good problem-solving abilities
Troubleshoot issues and determine the cause of a plan’s success or failure
Stays current with the latest trends in merchandise
Possesses strong marketing skills
Excellent leadership abilities
Keeps up to date with changes in the market and technology that would affect new product development
Is able to meet deadlines

Assignment Duration

>12 (Part-time ongoing) month(s)

Capacity Required

20+ Hrs/Week

No. of Positions


Nature of Work

Both (On-site & Remote)

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Profile Requirements

Experience: 5+ years

Qualification : Post Graduate or Higher

fleXpertise required

Product InnovationProduct designProduct strategybeauty Beauty ProductsProduct Designing & AssemblyInnovationStatistical ModellingProduct DevelopmentResearch


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