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Flexing It® helps organizations build a flexi-talent ready future.

Regardless of where you are in your freelance talent journey, we provide a comprehensive solution that combines talent, technology and custom services, to support your business talent needs.

Flexing It's upgraded Enterprise Suite is an end-to-end solution that helps organizations access, manage, engage and pay freelance/independent consultants and deliver projects effectively and at scale.


Our Value Proposition.

Network of 80000+ freelance professionals

Access to India’s largest and fast growing network of over 80000 high-quality freelance professionals.

Enhanced product capabilities

Seamless operations and end-to-end delivery through enhanced product capabilities.

Higher ROI on talent investment

Higher ROI on your talent investment; support in custom talent pool creation, talent attraction and project engagement.

Proprietary matching algorithm,

Proprietary algorithm augmented by talent experts to match with the right independent and freelance talent for domestic and global projects.

Analytics to support decision making

Project management dashboard, account analytics and reporting, technology enhancements and integrations, and seamless financial compliance solutions .

Data-driven industry insights

Data-driven industry insights to support your talent strategy and planning efforts.

Diagnostic assessment framework organisations

Proprietary diagnostic framework to evaluate your freelance talent program readiness and improvements.

Industry-leading fee benchmarking tool

Fee benchmarking from over 600,000 unique data points across industry, functions and skills.

How can we help you?

Purpose-built for the professional freelance market and used by the most progressive
organizations in the space, our scalable and modularized solution provides end-to-end
capabilities to access, discover, manage pay, and engage freelance consultants.

View project use cases

Support project-based talent needs and/or access experts on call

Upgrade and consolidate existing freelance efforts

Scale internal programs to attract diverse talent across different domains

Design freelance talent program from scratch

Help build a business case for a freelance program

Access a solution to onboard/manage existing freelancers efficiently


More than 3000 clients rely on Flexing It today

Flexing It® is a thought leader
in the open talent economy.

Our reports are data-driven, capture the latest trends, and help inform your talent future.
Some key insights provided below.

Projects in strategy, marketing, branding, communications, IT and org-wide efforts around L&D, DEI and ESG continue to drive much of the demand for freelance professionals.


Organizations are increasingly seeking out professionals with experience in startup and technology sectors; these include technology consulting, new product development and GTM, performance marketing, implementing agile methodologies, business analytics and intelligence, and broader digital transformation initiatives.


77% of the projects posted on FlexingIt had unique and diverse requirements, and freelancer professionals with domain expertise and demonstrable skills were paid a premium, and most sought after.


Approximately 75% of projects required full-time capacity, i.e., 40 hours a week, making it a credible and reliable talent pool for organizations, clearly distinguishing it from the moonlighting trend.