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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the platform work?

It's quite simple actually. Companies can post quality projects & assignments in the areas where they require expertise. Professionals, Freelancers, Experts can get access to these projects by registering and creating a skill profile with us. The projects as well as professional skill profiles are curated and approved by us to ensure completeness and quality. Both companies as well as professionals will be notified on approval or will be asked to submit further information in case some details are missing. Once approved, companies can reach out to professionals for a particular role and professionals are also free to apply to projects that interest them.

2. What sort of projects should I list/can I find on the platform?

3. What kind of freelancers should I expect to see on the platform?

4. What is fscore_logo?

1. Can I register my profile for free?

Absolutely, not only that, you can also browse and apply for projects without any charges. We, at Flexing It®, strive hard to make sure you get access to a regular stream of quality assignments.

2. How to best fill the skill profile to get an opportunity?

3. How do I get my profile approved?

4. How will I know of relevant opportunities?

5. What happens once I apply for the role/assignment?

6. Where will I find a list of companies that I contacted as well as companies that contacted me?

7. What should I do if I want to reject a 'contact' from a company without revealing my identity?

8. What is the typical selection time for a project?

9. What should be the typical rate I should charge my clients?

10. Does Flexing It® charge a percentage of my consultancy/project fees?

11. Why should I initiate feedback?

12. Whom can I ask for feedback from?

13. On what parameters will I be given feedback upon?

14. Can I delete or hide the feedback I have received?

15. How should I deactivate my account or unsubscribe from the mailing list?

16. What is fscore_logo that shows on my dashboard?

17. What does the "my Verification" option mean on my profile? Why should I get it done

18. What checks are conducted in the verification process

19. Can companies also ask for my Background Verification

20. Can I apply for projects based in a country other than my country of residence?

21. In case of clients outside my country how will I be paid?

1. Are there any charges for posting assignments?

There are no charges for posting an assignment in case you opt for the MyFlex® Postpaid option. Under the MyFlex® Prepaid and SuperFlex® option, however, you do need to pay upfront - since we provide you the ability to contact candidates (MyFlex® Prepaid model) and provide you with an Account Manager (SuperFlex® model) right at the beginning itself. Please refer to the Pricing Page to know more details and understand the rationale behind the various pricing options.

2. How should I post projects in a way that will attract the right candidates?

We advise you to be specific about your requirements while filling in the assignment details. We have developed a proprietary algorithm that matches the candidate’s profile with your role description which we continually refine. Hence, more information on the details of the assignment and skills required will help get more relevant applications.

3. Should the projects have a fixed cost or should they be based on an hourly charge-out rate?

We provide the freedom to businesses to post projects based on what they need, as our value to them is the ability to access skills in the right dose. Also, you can post your assignment without mentioning the budget at the outset. We thoroughly understand the dynamic nature of projects and hence want to provide you with the flexibility to decide with the professional the quantum of the fees and also frequency of payment.

Additionally, we have developed a community driven fee benchmarking tool, FeeBee to guide companies on how to budget for projects in a specific skill area. The product's goal is to remove a key source of ambiguity from hiring independent consultants - how to price your projects. FeeBee provides you with in-depth analysis of the fee benchmarks provided to us in real time by our consultant community. The data collected through FeeBee is regularly updated to provide credible fee benchmarks and ranges to freelancers and companies alike.

4. What happens once I have posted the project?

Once you have posted your assignment we approve it post a review for completeness and fit. Then, opportunity mailers are sent out to professionals with relevant skills. You will therefore start receiving applications for the assignment which you can shortlist/deprioritise through the dashboard. Of course the contact needn't only be one way and you are free to search for candidates too. In fact, you will see a list of matching profiles on the dashboard which you can browse and reach out to the candidates that you believe are good fits. Once you have a pool of candidates – through incoming applications or your requesting contact – you are free to follow your internal process for selection. If you have opted for the ‘Assisted’ model, an account manager is assigned to you. Based on the model selected by you, the AM will help you craft the assignment, post it on the platform and shortlist relevant applicants on your behalf.

5. Can I ask the professionals to sign an NDA?

Yes, either before discussing the project details with the freelancer, or before starting the work, you can request them to sign an NDA. We don't see a problem there.

6. Can I post full-time roles?

No. Our platform is dedicated to short term and part time assignments (duration not to exceed 1 year).

7. Can we hire freelancers once we have worked with them?

Freelancers can be hired full-time by companies as per terms set forth in the contract.

8. How should I keep Flexing It® in the loop?

It is important for us to know if you found relevant skills through us, do please do take a few minutes to respond to the follow-up emails we send. We would also love feedback and ideas for improvements – do write in to with your suggestions.

9. What is the purpose of the fscore_logo?

flexscore_logo has been designed and developed after 6 months of extensive research to identify parameters that better enable matches for assignments. The aim is to enable companies to intelligently identify, sort, prioritise and connect with the most relevant professionals for their project in a short period of time. The categorisation of professionals into 3 buckets (Perfect, Best, Good) based on company’s requirement will make it far easier for them to prioritise candidates and contact the ones they like. Learn more

10. How do you categorise professionals in 3 different fits?

So as a company that has posted an assignment, you will see all the applications and (also additional profiles that fit), organized into one of 3 folders based on the underlying score: Perfect Fit®, Best Fit® and Good Fit®. Instead of looking at hundreds of CVs blind, you will be able to look at a set that has been prioritized based on structured parameters.

11. How should I download categorised reports consisting professionals details?

You will be able to download details of a professional once you have accepted their application or they have accepted your contact for a particular role. You should be able to download their details when you click on the ‘candidate details’ button placed on a role. Remember you can only view this report if the payment has been made from your end.

12. Where will these categorised profiles appear?

These categorised profiles will appear in the ‘additional matching professionals’ in the company dashboard under a role listing.

The badges indicate that these professionals have undergone a 'Background Verification' check by Flexing It® (actual checks are undertaken by our partner). This allows you to verify the authenticity of the professional’s credentials. There are 2 types of badges:

  • FlexCheck+: At least one previous employment and one reference verified
  • FlexCheck: Either of one previous employment or one reference verified

13. I can see badges in the profiles of professional I want to contact. What does it mean?

The badges indicate that these professionals have undergone a 'Background Verification' check by Flexing It® (actual checks are undertaken by our partner). This allows you to verify the authenticity of the professional’s credentials. There are 2 types of badges:

  • FlexCheck+: At least one previous employment and one reference verified
  • FlexCheck: Either of one previous employment or one reference verified

14. Can I conduct verification for a professional who has not verified himself

Yes, you can. Just click on "Conduct Background Verification" tab on the profile of the professional you wish to get verified to start the process. Please note that the verification process requires consent from the relevant professional and can take upto 10-12 days to complete. You can conduct verification for all the applications you receive, professionals you wish to contact or candidates who have accepted your contact. You will be charged a standard fee for the process. Please refer to the pricing FAQs for more details.

15. What if the professional refuses to get verified

In this case, any fees charged for conducting the background check will be refunded within 15 working days.

16. Can I hire professionals from different countries?

Yes. As long as they are willing to shift for the duration of the project you can hire professionals based out of any location.

1. How do MyFlex® Postpaid and MyFlex® Prepaid work? When do I pay?

MyFlex® is designed keeping in mind Startups & SMEs. We know the challenges you face and we want you to get access to the best pool of professionals for your requirements. MyFlex® will help you do exactly that.

Under MyFlex® Postpaid you are free to post roles, get applications and search for candidates - you pay only for contact. In the event that you would like to contact any candidate (s) for a role – whether from the list of applications you receive, or from your own custom search, you will need to pay a flat fee of USD 120 plus the applicable taxes. This 'de-risked' fee applies whether you look to contact one or ten candidates for a role and payment for the same will need to be made prior to the contact being permitted. This charge is for access to the contact details of candidates you are interested in irrespective of the final outcome of the conversations.

Under MyFlex® Prepaid, you can opt to pay upfront for posting and leverage the full functionality of the platform. This model allows you to quickly search, identify and contact relevant candidates for your requirement, by paying a flat upfront fee of USD 30 before posting the assignment.

2. How is SuperFlex® different from MyFlex®

SuperFlex® is designed keeping in mind the organisations that have larger requirements and need additional support. Companies that opt for this option are assigned an Account Manager who will help with posting their opportunities, shortlisting & sorting applications they receive, spreading the word in our database and on social media, and undertaking custom searches in cases where those are needed/requested.

3. When should I pay for SuperFlex®

We expect companies to pay at the time of posting, given the significantly higher effort involved plus the provision of an account manager right at the time of registration.

4. Where can I check current plan status and details of past payments

You can check your full account history under the My Account section on your dashboard. This will also permit you to download and print your invoice post completion of any payment.

5. In case of payment related queries or dispute redressal what should I do?

You can click on the "Report Dispute" button under My Account and explain your query. One of our representatives will get back to you within 2 working days. You can also drop us an email at

SuperFlex® users can click on Contact Account Manager on their dashboard for any queries they have..