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Know more about the platform

Flexing It is a curated discovery and market-making platform that connects organisations to professionals on an 'on-demand' basis for projects, consulting assignment, advisory roles and part time resource needs

Our vision is to be the largest platform for freelance and project-based work for business skills, leveraged by millions of independent professionals and the organisations that need their expertise.


Connecting organisations to top quality, experienced business consultants

  • We enable organisations to reach beyond their relationship network and beyond the big brands
  • We enable international organisations to access India’s smartest consultants for a fraction of the local cost
  • We have project templates you can edit or simply upload your own
  • We have account managers that can help shape your project needs and can handhold you though the process
  • Our proprietary alogithm, FlexScore will identify matching consultants and organise them into Perfect, Best and Good fits
  • Matching consultants will be notified and will start to apply
  • You can also proactively peruse perfect fit consultants and poke them to apply
  • Our account managers can also help you screen and shortlist consultants
  • We have an interview scheduling tool or you can simply send shortlisted consultants an email
  • We have a fee benchmarking product, FeeBee, that gives you real comparative benchmarks
  • You can do your own fee confirmation, contracting and onboarding (MyFlex, SuperFlex)
  • We can also assist to align on a final fee, handle contracting & payment, and oversee timelines (Primo & Flexpert)


Connecting consultants to new clients with diverse, meaningful projects

  • We enable consultants to work on what they want and when they want to
  • We enable the consultants to work on projects all over the world
  • We have CV reader that uploads your details
  • We have a detailed skill architecture that highlights the quality of your experience
  • You can distinguish yourself with our 'Feedback from past projects feature
  • We have a verification service that confirms your bona fides upon request
  • We alert you via email when any matching projects are posted
  • Apply and customise your response to interesting projects
  • Confirm your quote with help from our fee benchmarking tool (FeeBee)
  • Search for projects you may not automatically match and refine your profile
  • You will be notified of client contact/shortlisting
  • Leverage our interview check list to ensure project meets your needs
  • For all FleXperts and Primos (international projects) we will arrange all contracting & payments

How the mechanics of the platform work

What makes us different

flexible resources
Pure focus on project-based & flexible resources

The assignments on Flexing It span from a few days of work to a few weeks/months based on deliverables. We are the largest platform globally to access experienced consultants and flexible talent.

business consultants
Experienced business consultants & experts

Experienced professional pool across business functions, with strategy, marketing, finance, HR, technology management & general management at the top


Our patent pending, intelligent matching algorithm to help identify the Perfect/Best fits for your project efficiently - much lower noise-to-signal ratio and no more looking at 100s of profiles blind!


Our aim is to build a community of independent professionals, and support this through regular research, sharing of experiences, and value-added features such as our Fee benchmarking tool.

Strong quality focus
Strong quality focus

Every profile is vetted using publicly available information prior to approval to ensure quality. We also have feedback loops for both consultants and companies, and offer background verification options too.


Either side can initiate contact, but this has to be in the context of a specific assignment. We do not permit recruitment firms to post, and so professionals and companies know that their application/role has reached the inbox of the intended audience.