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Flexing It is a curated marketplace that connects organisations to professionals and expertise on an 'on demand' basis for projects, consulting assignments, advisory roles and part-time resource needs. Our vision is to be the largest platform for freelance and project-based work for business skills, leveraged by millions of independent professionals and the organisations that need their expertise.

A few defining characteristics
of our platform


Every profile is vetted using publicly available information prior to approval to ensure quality. We also have a feedback mechanism to get inputs from prior assignments, and have recently launched a background verification functionality where either professionals or potential clients can request authentication.


We permit either side to initiate contact, but this has to be in the context of a specific assignment. We do not permit recruitment firms to post, and so professionals and companies know that their application/role has reached the inbox of the intended audience.


This enables companies to find relevant and high-quality skills efficiently by organising applications and matching profiles into Perfect/Best/Good Fits based on an intelligent heuristic. No more looking at 100's of CVs blind!


Our aim is to build a community of independent professionals, and support this through regular original content, sharing of experiences, and the provision of value-added features.

How it works


  • Register for free
  • Opt for the service model: MyFlex™ Prepaid, MyFlex™ Postpaid, SuperFlex™
  • Post an assignment: List skills needed deliverables using our custom skill architecture
  • Develop a shortlist of candidates: Priortise from applications, Search "matching profiles" for additional relevant candidates using FlexScore™
Flexing It™ FlexScore™: Proprietary matching algorithm to enable companies to find relevant and high-quality consultants for their projects efficiently based on an intelligent heuristic.


  • Register for free: Individuals, small service providers - identity protected till you apply, or accept contact
  • Complete skill profile, get approved: Detail out expertise using our custom skill architecture
  • Strengthen your profile: Feedback from prior projects, FleXpert™ tags, Background Verification
  • Browse relevant opportunities: FlexScore™ based matching
  • Apply/accept contact for what you find relevant

Key Projects

Project-based roles for short durations on business and functional issues

Consulting and advisory roles

Assignments needing deep subject matter expertise

'Plug and play' capacity to cover an urgent business need

Part-time functional leadership roles

Interim assignments for CXOs

Remote assignments

Diversity hiring

Professional Perspective

For professionals, Flexing It aims to provide the ability to craft a great portfolio of work on their terms, and reduce the risk of working independently by providing access to a large number of quality assignments that we source and bring to the platform. Our community of independent professionals spans Corporate Freelancers who have taken to working independently after a long stint in an organisation, to Entrepreneurial Freelancers, who take on assignments to generate cash flows while simultaneously getting a venture off the ground, to Young Parents looking to balance family and career, and Creative Freelancers who take on multiple projects as a way to build a strong portfolio, and Professional Moonlighters who are looking to learn and earn through interesting assignments beyond regular working hours. Read more about the 'mainstreaming' of freelancing and key emerging segments here.

Company Perspective

For organisations, Flexing It is a great way to obtain experienced and skilled resources for the duration and intensity they need. Companies accessing skills through the platform are well-represented across large corporates, high-growth start-ups and SMEs, investors, professional services firms and leading not-for-profits. The assignments posted span short intense projects lasting a few weeks, to longer engagements that require a couple of days a week for 6-12 month durations. Also, they represent a diverse mix of projects that need some client-facing time, to others that can be delivered remotely.

Our Partners

Flexing It has partnered with 10000 Startups - an initiative by NASSCOM to scale up the startup ecosystem in India by 10x by incubating, funding and providing ambient support to impact 10,000 technology startups in India by 2023. Flexing It is proud to partner with NASSCOM for this critical initiative and help many more startups access the critical skills they need to succeed.
Flexing It has entered into a strategic partnership with IIT Kanpur Alumni Association. Through this partnership, IITK Alumni looking for consultants and flexible resources for their organisations and ventures will get discounted access to the Flexing It platform. Equally importantly, alumni and faculty seeking consulting assignments and part-time roles will be able to easily register and apply for projects they are interested in.
Flexing It has partnered with NMIMS Alumni Association and as part of this partnership, NMIMS alumni and faculty members looking for consultants and flexible resources for their organisations, ventures and research purposes will get discounted access to the Flexing It platform. Additionally, alumni and faculty seeking consulting assignment and part-time roles will also be able to easily register and apply for projects they are interested in.
Flexing It has entered into a partnership with BHIVE Workspace – the largest co-working space in Bangalore. Flexing It™ aims to provide on-demand talent support to BHIVE’s community of start-ups, incubators, investors and companies of all sizes. Check them out at and get special discounts.
Flexing It has partnered with Mumbai Angels to support their members, portfolio companies and the startup ecosystem with any requirements for project-based resources, business consultants or industry experts that they might have. Quality talent is a major bottleneck as start-ups look to scale, and Mumbai Angels portfolio & members companies can leverage Flexing It™'s flexible resources to get this muscle at the pace and intensity needed. See more at
At Flexing It we are keen to create strategic partnerships with industry associations and college alumni networks. To explore the same, do write to us at

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