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Project Details

Strategy Consultant

An esteemed social sector consultancy

 Delhi / NCR

Posted on:  26/07/2022

Cinque Terre

Starts on:  15/08/2022


Strategy and Business Development


Strategy development, Business planning processes, Valuations & business modelling, Program Management Support (PMO), Corporate Strategy,


Development/Not for profit

Company Details

An esteemed social sector consultancy

Assignment Details

Our client, a well-known social sector consultancy organization with entrenched presence – which provides a range of services to private sector, not-for-profit sector and government organizations on CSR, sustainability, impact assessments, monitoring and evaluation, programme implementation, women empowerment and social inclusion- would like to engage with a Consultant.

1.1 The Consultant would be required to conduct an in-depth analysis of Company’s journey, the performance of its consultancy business, and review the business model and strategies in order to reach its purpose and goals, with specific emphasis on consultancy business (DAS).
Core Goal: It aims to grow as a Social Impact Business sector player – contributing both in direct and indirect ways by engaging with various stakeholders to maximize the impact
a) Company Development Advisory Services to become a 10 crore company in revenues annually by FY 2025/26, subject to suitable investment made by the parent company over the next few years; and continue to grow further in order to make impact through following objectives.
b) Continue to offer direct delivery of projects and assignments in the thematic areas of Gender, Diversity & Inclusion (GDI), Responsible Business and Impact Advisory
c) To become a Social Business Enterprise

1.2 The consultant will answer the following key questions:
a) Are there better alternatives to the operating model followed/proposed by CAPL for achieving faster monetary growth and aspirations ?
b) Whether the key assumptions made regarding the business projections and revenue flows and targets for Company’s Development Advisory Services are valid and relevant in light of prevailing market environment, especially in context with social development related consultancy work?
c) How Company can better optimise its social impact, market relevant service offerings, cost competitiveness and financial sustainability?
d) What changes are required to be made in order to achieve the projected revenue targets and the organisational growth aspirations?
e) How can Company consultancy business model be optimised by Christian Aid for its global work and offer consultancy services beyond India?

1.3. In light of the above key questions, the detailed scope of work for the assignment for consultant will be as given below.
a) Carry out a comprehensive review and analysis of the external environment in which Company operates including the industry environment, market and regulatory environment, competitive landscape and the opportunity framework with respect to the organisational mandate.
b) Carry out a comprehensive review and analysis of the internal environment of Company including human resource structure, skill sets, systems and processes for optimising knowledge and visibility and other factors which aid in furthering the business growth and organisational mandate of Company.
c) Review and critically examine the business mix for Company, its pipeline of business, its assumptions regarding growth and financial performance and suggest its validity with respect to the environment analysis.
d) Identify the key enablers and constraints for business growth of Company and suggest strategic pathways and key actions to be taken by Company for optimising its business growth.
e) Examine the case for a further financial investment into Company enabling its business growth and fulfilment of its organisational mandate and suggest the areas in which such financial investment is required so that it aids business growth and fulfilment of organisational mandate of Company.
f) Identify the potential of social impact creation through the work carried out by Company and suggest ways and means by which the same can be maximised.

2. Expected deliverable(s) from the consultant
The consultant is expected to submit a comprehensive report responding to all the points mentioned in the scope of work however not limiting to them if any such area emerges during the course of review. S/he is expected to suggest workable solutions and clear pathways for change set against a recommended timeline based upon the review carried out. In case of suggesting change pathways having financial implications or areas requiring financial projections the consultant is expected to provide a broad assessment at the least and a detailed cost implications if possible. A detailed slide deck would also be expected from the consultant based upon the final report.

Tentative total project time-commitment – 60 hours/month for two months (extendable if required)
Travel to office in Delhi (2-3 times)
Other travel – None
Project based assignment – can work from anywhere

Skills Required

a) Minimum 18 years of hands-on experience in social enterprise, social impact, and development sector related consultancy services
Demonstrates excellent understanding of social enterprise, social impact and development advisory sector in India – including key players, organizations, services, success factors and future of this sector
b) Understand the frameworks, theories and models of social entrepreneurship and distinguish its elements across the organizational structures from traditional non-profits to social enterprises
c) Must have knowledge about different approaches, governance and legal structure of consultancy based organizations
d) Good communication, analysis, writing and reporting skills
e) Possessing good professional qualifications, preferably in management, rural development, or other suitable qualifications

Assignment Duration

2 month(s)

Capacity Required

20+ Hrs/Week

No. of Positions


Nature of Work

Both (On-site & Remote)

Profile Requirements

Experience: 18+ years

Qualification : Graduate

fleXpertise required

Management Consulting360 degree assessmentreport writingStrategy developmentBusiness PlanningBusiness presentationsCorporate Strategy and Communication


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