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Finding the Right Fit: How to Navigate Consultant Search

Written by: Flexing It 28/09/2023 3 minutes read
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Step 1: Accessing the Search Feature

Your journey begins on our platform after signing up and project posting, where you will find the "Search Candidates" option on your screen's left side.

Once on the Search Candidates page, you must use keywords relevant to your project. For instance, if your project is related to marketing, type "Marketing" into the search bar at the top, as illustrated in the image.

The image shows how companies can hire the best consultants using Flexing It.

Step 2: Discover Matching Profiles

After hitting the search button, our platform will work its magic and populate a list of matching consultant profiles. This is where the process starts to get exciting with FlexScore!

FlexScore is our revolutionary, patent-pending matching algorithm that eliminates the hassle of finding the perfect consultant. It gauges the alignment between a professional's profile and your assignment's requirements. It accomplishes this by considering various parameters such as specified skills, past positions held, industry experience, required capacity, and location. In addition, it considers external factors like feedback quality and the results of background verification, dynamically adjusting the matching score as these inputs are also weighed extensively.

All applications and additional profiles that meet the criteria are neatly organized into one of three categories: "Perfect Fit," "Best Fit," and "Good Fit." This means you no longer have to sift through countless CVs mindlessly; instead, you can focus your attention on a prioritized set of profiles guided by structured parameters.

Step 3: Click on View Profile

As you browse the list of matching profiles populated by FlexScore, you'll see a world of potential at your fingertips. Click on any profile to view the consultant's details, qualifications, and experience.

The image explains how you can view and understand a consultant’s profile on Flexing It - Best consulting hiring platform.

Step 4: Invite the Consultant

Once you've reviewed a consultant's profile and believe they could fit your project, it's time to take the next step. Click the "Invite" button to share your project request directly with the consultant.

Step 5: Shortlisting and Interview Scheduling

While finding a consultant has become more efficient with FlexScore, you must spend adequate time on shortlisting and interviews to understand the consultant’s experience and skill set. If you opt for our Enterprise account, we can help you streamline this better.

Discovering the ideal consultant for your project has become a breeze. Utilizing our intuitive platform and FlexScore allows you to navigate the consultant search process effortlessly and efficiently. Your ideal consultant for your critical project is now just a few clicks within reach!

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