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An All-in-One Guide to Posting Your Project on Flexing It and Hiring Top Consultants

Written by: Flexing It 28/09/2023 6 minutes read
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Posting Project Details

Flexing It, the leading platform for seamlessly connecting businesses with independent consultants and freelancers has a remarkable track record. With over 3000 satisfied clients who have successfully posted projects and enlisted top-tier consultants, we have refined the art of project management.

Our approach is all about simplicity and efficiency. We've distilled the process of posting short-term and long-term assignments into an intuitive journey of talent discovery. And at the core of this process is the art of crafting the perfect project listing.

Here are the easy-to-follow steps:

1. Defining Project Scope

Before diving into the project posting process, it's crucial to understand your project's scope clearly. Flexing It helps you build this understanding by facilitating consultation calls with us, during which you can outline your project requirements and expectations. These insights will be the foundation for your project listing, ensuring you attract the right talent.

2. Project Posting

Flexing It offers two options for project posting: through our team or independently by clients.

Here's how each method works:

Project Posting by Flexing It

When you choose Flexing It’s Enterprise account to post your project, our team will handle the task on your behalf. We will create a detailed project listing with precise assignment details, skills required, budget, duration, and other critical requirements, such as hiring a custom pool of consultants. This ensures your project is presented in great detail and attracts exceptional talent.

Independent Project Posting via Primo

Clients who prefer a more hands-on approach can independently post their projects on the Flexing It platform. Here's how to do it:

  1. Visit the Flexing It website: Go to Flexing It's website and click the "Post a Project" button in the website's top left section.

Provide project details: Share your email ID, select your organization type, and click the "Get Started" button.

The image explains how to post a project on Flexing It to hire the best consultants worldwide. Share your E-mail and organization type.
  • Next, click the Post a Project button on the top right section, also found in the first section of your screen.
The image shows where the Post a Project button is located on the Flexing It dashboard to hire the best consultants for your project
  • Now, you will have to share all the project requirements in 4 simple steps.

Step 1

Share a Project Overview with Project Title, Broad Skill, Sub-Skills, Industry

See the example for a marketing analyst role filled in.

The image explains how to write Project Title, Broad Skill, Sub-skills and choose Industry type for hiring the best consultants on Flexing It

Step 2

In the Project Details section, go in-depth about the project description, skills required, Flextags (skills), work Experience needed and any additional documents (optional)

Project Details

If you are unsure what to write in the Project Details, we have Sample Templates (located on the top right) to guide you for various projects.

E.g., For a marketing project, we have various sample templates to guide you.

The image explains how to use Sample Flexing It templates to write great project descriptions, classified into various categories

Step 3

Specify the project duration, work hours, capacity, and budget.

The image explains how to share budget requirements, project duration, work hours, capacity for hiring the best freelancers on Flexing It.

If you are unsure of the budget, click on Need help budgeting your project to access our free-to-use FeeBee tool.

The image explains how to seek help on budgeting your project on Flexing It - the best platform to hire top consultants from all over the world.

Fill in the fields, and we will share an estimate based on your requirements.

The image explains how to use the FeeBee budgeting tool of Flexing It. Fill in details to estimate consultant fees and hire top consultants

If you need more help, click the Share Your Requirement button (located on the top right), and a dedicated account manager will contact you.

Step 4

After sharing all the necessary details,

-Our team will review your project within 24 hours.

- Soon after, an Account Manager will assist in screening applicants and conducting custom searches if necessary.

- They will also help schedule interviews, discuss budgets, and finalize contracts with chosen consultants.

- Throughout the project, your Account Manager will provide ongoing support, and you can monitor all activities via your dashboard.

Quality Assurance and Timely Completion

Flexing It places a strong emphasis on quality assurance and timely project completion. Our team closely monitors the work to meet your expectations and deadlines. If you have any questions or need assistance, contact your dedicated Account Manager or submit inquiries via the website's Help feature.

Whether you opt for Flexing It's Enterprise delegation service or take the reins independently, our platform equips you with the tools and support essential for your project's successful journey. Let’s get started!

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