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Senior Construction Safety Specialist

  • Full Time
  •  On-Site - Mumbai / Navi Mumbai
  • 12 months
  • Project posted on: 22/08/2023

Senior Construction Safety Specialist

  • Technical Services
  • Civil engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering

On-Site - Mumbai / Navi Mumbai, Delhi / NCR, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Agra, Ahmedabad , Allahabad, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Dehradun, Gandhinagar, Ghaziabad, Goa, Guwahati, Jamshedpur, Visakhapatnam

Full Time

12 months


Assignment Details

Our client, a leading steel manufacturing company in India is looking for a Senior Specialist, Construction Safety who will be responsible for developing, integrating and implementation of all aspects of construction safety management programs, processes, procedures, systems, methods and policies critical to the success of Construction Safety. Someone who can provide technical oversight of construction safety activities and overall support for successful risk control and mitigate harm to people, property, and the environment. Someone who can provide technical assistance and supervisory direction to project personnel.

Job Profile:
1. Directs and provides functional leadership of construction safety, road safety, occupational health and wellbeing, training/competence, compliance/inspection, risk reduction, culture/behavioral and improvement activities across the Project.
2. Provides specialized safety input to engineering, construction, and contracts, thus
ensuring that safety requirements are properly integrated into project planning, design criteria, construction plans and specifications and contracts.
3. Develop robust Construction Safety Framework at Group level by defining Health & Safety minimum requirements during pre-sanction phase, pre-construction phase, construction phase and pre-start-up phase of construction projects and stipulate accountabilities & responsibilities of the company’s project teams, design teams, execution teams and contractor teams. Ensure dissemination of Construction Safety information’s to all relevant stakeholders at sites.
4. Support Tata Steel to prepare detailed execution plan basis safety scope of work post award of contract inclusive of all safety considerations and coordinate with site teams for administering the prescribed requirements before the commencement of construction activity.
5. Gather project information required to form risk assessment teams, undertake risk
assessment, conduct project risk assessments, and Identify risk controls (resources,
people and procedural actions required) to ensure actions are completed. Measure impact of site risks to neighboring communities and ensure effective coordination for
implementing adequate measures to address them with respect to relevant statutory
6. Conducting pre-construction meeting with principal project partners as well as with subcontractors before the actual start of work, to ensure Capital Project needs are clearly defined and included in the deliverables of the project.
7. Embed Process Safety Management (PSM) and PSSR into Capital Projects to assure a safe start-up and safe ongoing operations. Involve all key stakeholders including Contractor in a Constructability Analysis during the conceptual design phase.
8. Undertake Pre-authorization reviews for evaluating design & constructability, operability and maintenance, asset integrity, etc. so that all engineering Health & Safety issues are correctly identified during design stage and safe and practical solutions are incorporated into the design specification and drawings before they are released for executing projects.
9. Ensure smooth commissioning of the project through the closure of all overlapping safety issues by contracting partners. Institutionalize a system for formal Handing and Taking over processes post commissioning of the project. Gather all relevant OH&S information, as-built drawings, risk assessment documents, contractor OH&S plan and documents related to work acceptance, etc.
10. Ensure that businesses are complying with all relevant Health & Safety standards and regulations during the execution of contracts and devise mechanisms for monitoring of Health & Safety violations in every stage of contracting and track corrective actions.
11. Conducts safety inspections of project construction activities to monitor compliance with construction safety requirements including contractual commitments, permits, the project’s construction safety plan, and other applicable safety statutory requirements.
12. Carry out basic task competency assessments to Identify and specify workforce skill and competency requirements, assess employees for competency and identify skills shortages to improve task skills base. Undertake measures to augment required skills through training, mentoring, and coaching at sites.
13. Participates in meetings, as required, with customers, project team members, and contractors/subcontractors to advise them of specialized safety and health requirements that may affect project design, construction schedule, and cost.
14. Maintains relationships with internal organizations (e.g., engineering, construction & contracts), customer, and contractor/subcontractor representatives to coordinate technical/scientific issues and implementation of safety functions into project proposals, designs, construction plans , and contractor bid packages.
15. Maintains contact, as appropriate, with government regulatory & resource agencies to obtain current information on new regulations, program initiatives, and technical requirements & standards as they apply to the project.
16. Performs incident investigations using cross-functional teams to interview witnesses, review procedures/regulations, gather timelines, and observe the scene. Then, determine causal factors and recommend corrective/preventative actions. Performing quality reviews and evaluating incident reports for quality, consistency, and completeness.
17. Develops and implements the safety management program regarding incident notification, reporting, trending, and communication on an assigned project. Works directly with other project-level functional leads (e.g., engineering, construction, subcontracts, procurement, project controls, document controls) to assist them in facilitating, investigating, and analyzing incidents.
18. Maintains contact with Tata Steel safety personnel to keep them informed of changing requirements & to provide technical assistance.
19. Maintains relationships with internal organizations, customers, and
contractor/subcontractor representatives to coordinate technical/scientific issues, new technologies, and integration of safety functional responsibilities into project design specifications, construction plans and schedules, and subcontractor bid packages.
20. Prepares confidential and sensitive reports that may include injury data resulting from first aid case, lost-time incidents and/or fatalities.
21. Develops and manages Stop Work, Fair Culture, Consequence Management and Positive recognition policies and activities across the Project.
22. Ensures the occupational health and wellbeing procedures, including camp/welfare facilities, immunizations, rescue, emergency transportation, and evacuation are compliant with local, international finance requirements and company standards.
23. Review the reports and analyze safety issues of construction projects, statistics, trends and risks and escalate issues to Tata Steel for undertaking process changes.

Skills Required

Qualifications & Essential Experience:
1. Bachelor’s degree in civil / Mechanical/Electrical/ Chemical Engineering.
Post Graduate qualification in Health & Safety / Construction Safety Management will be preferred.
2. Minimum 25 years of experience in construction safety Management in a large
infrastructure company having managed Capex projects across multiple facilities, location, cultures, and regulatory requirements. Project experience with exposure to Techno-commercial processes at Metal & Mineral, Energy, Oil & Gas etc. will be strongly preferred.
3. Experience in developing, implementing, and managing Construction Safety Management System in Large Capital Projects with exposure to High Hazard processes.
4. Proven ability to develop and implement strategic plans for large scale projects. Sound people skills with the ability to establish and build on working relationships effectively.

About the Client

Leading steel manufacturing company


Construction & Engineering

Minimum Experience:

25+ years

Additional Skills:

  • Steel Manufacturing
  • HSE Management
  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • Construction Safety
  • Large project management
  • OSHA
  • Safety Management
  • Construction Project management

No of open positions:


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