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Project Details

Business Analyst

Qode Next

 Mumbai / Navi Mumbai

Posted on:  1/04/2021

Cinque Terre

Starts on:  10/04/2021


Strategy and Business Development


Data analytics, Corporate Strategy,


Packaging, Freight & Logistics Services

Assignment Details

- Responsibility for collating data, creating reports and inferences with all stake holders for BOD review.
- The role is unique combination of Data collecting, and processing with creativity for thoughtful analysis to monitor trends and performance and create blocks for steps for growth and filling gaps.
- With right analysis helping team to get operational and P&L clarity and steps to take.
- Problem Solving: Delve deep into ongoing operations and find long-term structural solutions to problems
- Special Projects: for many key initiatives and new projects e.g. evaluating new businesses, markets and opportunities, launching new products etc.

Skills Required

- Analytical Skills, Data centricity, Interpersonal; skills, Presentation Skills, Strategic Thinking, Problem Solving, Result Orientation.

Assignment Duration

>12 (Part-time ongoing) month(s)

Capacity Required

20+ Hrs/Week

No. of Positions


Nature of Work

Both (On-site & Remote)

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Profile Requirements

Experience: 4+ years

Qualification : Post Graduate or Higher

fleXpertise required

Benchmarking DiagnosticsRoot Cause AnalysisBusiness Intelligence Business Presentations


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