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Project Details

Consultant - Secondary research on the Freelance Economy

Flexing It

 Delhi / NCR

Posted on:  5/02/2020

Cinque Terre

Starts on:  13/02/2020




Insights/Market research,


Professional services - Consulting

Company Details

A High Growth B2B Startup

Assignment Details

Flexing It is looking for a consultant to work with our marketing team to conduct secondary research on best practices at global organizations that employ high skill freelance and independent talent.

The Sweepstakes-

-Which organizations are ranked as the best employers by freelancers in more developed markets (US, UK, Australia at a minimum) and the rationale for them
-What are minimum practices prescribed by law in these markets, and which companies are going beyond

Framework - develop a detailed outside-in perspective on a few best-practice organizations

1. Organizational imperatives
-How does flexible/independent talent align to overall strategy and vision i.e. is it a priority, what % of the workforce is expected to constitute freelance/external/contract over time
-Flexible Talent Strategy - types of skills in focus, purpose to onboard flexible talent

2. Flexible Talent Management
-Talent sourcing - separate teams, strategies
-Onboarding & mentorship
-Performance Management
-Training & Development

3. Compensation and benefits
-Principles for determining freelancer/consultant compensation
-Premium given to freelancers
-Benefits strategy for freelance talent - what all they get, do they need to co-pay, etc

4. Other Support systems & enablers
-Operational & Logistical Support
-Finance & Payments
-Contracts & Compliance

5. Attitudes & Mindsets towards flexible work
-Training to employees on working with blended teams
-Other ‘good practices’ when engaging with freelance, independent talent at scale

6. Collation of secondary research with key quotes and inferences
-Data points from secondary research and links to all relevant reports/articles
-Synthesised findings + key learnings across the given framework above with real examples of other companies

Skills Required

1. Hands-on experience in research
2. Excellent written and oral communication skills
3. Ability to interpret research findings for multiple audiences
4. Ability to creatively solve business problems, innovating new approaches where required

Assignment Duration

1 month(s)

Capacity Required

15-20 Hrs/Week

No. of Positions


Nature of Work

Both (On-site & Remote)

Profile Requirements

Experience: 5+ years

Qualification: Graduate

fleXpertise required

ResearchSecondary ResearchMarketingStrategy




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