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Project Details

Consultant - Market Competition Assessment of Customer Journeys, Value Propositions, Product Features

Crescat Excolatur

 Mumbai / Navi Mumbai

Posted on:  7/08/2019

Cinque Terre

Starts on:  19/08/2019


Strategy and Business Development


Strategy development, Corporate Strategy,


Professional services - Consulting

Company Details

We are a boutique consulting firm that provides innovation consulting using the Jobs to Be Done framework. In addition, we do competitive and market research on request.

Assignment Details

I. Why are we doing this?

Working for a client that is building an internet enabled high-skill recruitment services company. We are helping them with competitive intelligence to understand the value proposition of companies in adjacent spaces to learn from them and get ideas for new products, features and business models.

The framework to be used is the Jobs To Be Done framework - after the assessment we expect the consultant to help define the new features / models in a "jobs" framework that identifies and contextualizes the specefic progress a user is trying to make

This assignment is not only strategy and research driven, but will also require an understanding of UI/UX to be able to pull in relevent features for the Client to understand.

II. Framework:

Value Proposition:

Who are they serving?

* Demand side
* Supply side
* Geography?
* Industry?
Business Model:

* How does each stakeholder make money?
* How are they charged?
* What gaurantees are there?
* Pricing schemes
* High level summary of model
* WHAT is the offering?


* Role of data in the offering
* AI / Algorithms they use for searching for candidates+ associated test uses to see if it actually works

SLAs / productivity:

* Critical numbers on the business (supply, demand, successes
* Key clients


* How do they sell (maybe sub-point of business model)
* [check typical website traffic indicators for some indication]

Team Structure:

* Founder background
* Size of team / roles of team
* Key tech staff (PM, CTO)
* [through website, linkedin, interviews]

Visual design ques / ideas

III: Methods

* Website and Google research
* Reachout to former employees (OS will have to do)
* "Blind Shopping" as a customer

* As supply
* As demand
* Actual product testing to see if it actually works as advertised
* Customer interviews?
* Expectation - structured answers to the above framework and screenshots
* Our job is to take this and make it into a referred feature or model list, rank it, then test it
* Initial judgement and ranking on what could

Skills Required

2. User Research Ethnography, field research, focus groups, quantitative research, surveys, participatory design, concept testing, pricing studies, syndicated research, trends
3. Conceptualization, Brainstorming, rapid prototyping, strategy articulation, use cases, persona development, product definition, ideation workshops
4. Strategy Business-case analytics, portfolio planning, branding, scenario planning, service blue-printing

Assignment Duration

1 month(s)

Capacity Required

Full Time

No. of Positions


Nature of Work

Both (On-site & Remote)

Profile Requirements

Experience: 5+ years

Qualification: Graduate

fleXpertise required

Digital StrategiesManagement Consultingproduct managementui/ux researchConsulting


INR 100000 - INR 250000


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