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Consultant GIS

An international, nonprofit global health organization

 Delhi / NCR

Posted on:  11/07/2022

Cinque Terre

Starts on:  31/07/2022


Information Technology


Software Development - Mainframe, Software Development - Javascript,


IT Services & Consulting

Company Details

An international, nonprofit global health organization

Assignment Details

Duties to be performed:

i. Coordination with other consultants to understand IT requirements for the program data compilation and analysis.

ii. Participation in planning with State partners, Department of IT, NIC & other agencies selected for various tasks related to IT component of the Programme/ Project

iii. Surveillance for NCDC with special reference to Zoonotic disease in the country

iv. Develop Risk maps and GIS Data base for NCDC

v. Scripting tool development for automatic data processing or generating reports, mapping.

vi. To perform integrated and computerized Geographic data systems
analyses/mapping to address specific issues/problems and reduce future outbreaks

vii. Plan and develop GIS related information systems on the web. Quarterly performance report to be prepared for appraisal.

viii. Develop, test, deploy and maintain web portals which will host dynamic content, files and geospatial data

ix. Develop, test, deploy and maintain REST API server for GeoServer, mobile applications and web applications.

x. Develop, test, deploy and maintain mobile applications for field data collection purposes.

xi. Maintain, configure and ensure reliable operation of Microsoft Windows servers (IIS) and other network components.

xii. Support for Geo tagging of labs and outbreaks

xiii. To provide technical and management support to implement Lab Information Management System (LIMS)

xiv. Strengthening of IHIP platform and integration of data of One Health, LIMS, and Climate Change surveillance platforms with IHIP to facilitate the data analysis.

xv. To support operationalization and integration of LIMS with IHIP.

xvi. To facilitate NCDC to become a Regional Hub for Genomic surveillance in the South Asian region by strengthening the capacity of Genomic surveillance systems under IDSP.

xvii. Formulate a consultative joint stakeholder driven policy for One health and assist in strengthening of One Health surveillance mechanism.

xviii. To support the strengthening the policy framework for surveillance, operational research, capacity building related to Centre for Environmental & Occupational Health, Climate Change & Health.

xix. To facilitate the establishment of Environment Health Cell in State (UTs) health department for monitoring, supervision and evaluation tool for climate sensitive diseases.

xx. To support strengthening Lab networks of regional centres and surveillance units of NCDCs.

xxi. Any other work assigned by officers, Team lead of the project

xxii. All such tasks require to be embedded in the NCDC under the MoHFW

xxiii. Any other relevant tasks as required and assigned by ADB, NCDC, MoHFW or the government

Skills Required

- with minimum qualifications of BE / B.Tech in Computer Science / IT / Electronics / Civil or Post Graduate Qualification in IT / Computer Science with more than 2 years of experience preferably in GIS related projects in Health or Social Sector OR Master’s degree in Geo-Informatics with minimum four years’ experience preferably in GIS related projects in Health or Social sector OR Bachelor’s degree in Geo-Informatics with minimum six years’ experience preferably in GIS related projects in Health or Social sector OR M.Sc. in GIS, Masters in GIS, /Geoinformatics at least two-year experience in relevant field i.e. survey, handling of survey equipment

- Desirable - Have publications in peer-reviewed journals, experience in GIS/RS software such as ERDAS Imagine, QGIS & ArcGIS, MAXENT strong modelling and data analytics skills, knowledge of coding in R and/or Python, should have prepared research/technical reports. Demonstrated experience in working with GeoServer, REST API, JavaScript Frameworks (Node.js, Vue.js, AngularJS etc.) and JavaScript libraries (OpenLayers, Leaflet etc.) Deliverables –Develop, test, deploy and maintain software applications for the program.

Assignment Duration

>12 (Part-time ongoing) month(s)

Capacity Required

Full Time

No. of Positions


Nature of Work


Profile Requirements

Experience: 6+ years

Qualification : Graduate

fleXpertise required

GeoserverGeo InformaticsJavascriptsurvey equipmentGISREST API


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