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Scientific Communications Specialist

  • Full Time
  •  Remote - Mumbai / Navi Mumbai
  • 12 months
  • Project posted on: 29/08/2023

Scientific Communications Specialist

  • Creative/Design Services
  • Writing /editing- other
  • Production of content
  • Content Writing

Remote - Mumbai / Navi Mumbai

Full Time

12 months


Assignment Details

Our client a Leading Biopharmaceutical organisation looking to hire a Scientific Medical Specialist to support with the below responsibilities-

The Job Purpose -
Responsible for supporting the Biopharmaceuticals Group, Center of Excellence, specifically:
• Generating, modifying, repurposing, and escalating the development of high quality medical/ scientific content in a timely manner and in collaborative partnership with the medical team
• Providing any additional content support, including proof reading, reviewing, referencing, and verifying anti-plagiarism of the content by implementing high quality medical writing standards
• Ensuring that operational deliverables of assigned projects are achieved on or ahead of schedule and within standards such that they meet the desired outcomes (i.e., quality standard, value) and business deliverables

The Main Job Responsibilities include-
• Uses scientific expertise and medical knowledge to develop and drive high quality scientific and medical communication deliverables, specifically, writing (including researching, organizing, compiling, interpreting, curating and quality checking) of various types of medical content across various channels and formats
• Conducts literature reviews by developing search strategies to retrieve relevant literature from the public domain
• Interprets, synthesizes, and presents clinical data and other complex information
• Reviews and edits medical content deliverables as required in accordance with relevant internal SOPs and external guidelines including references and verifying anti-plagiarism
• Ensures clear, factual and effective presentation of analyses and associated discussions in assigned documents
• Adapts writing and editorial style to different types of clients and audiences from specialists, other allied health care professionals as well as consumer audience (general public)
• Collaborates with other lines, relevant subject matter experts and external agencies ensuring the accuracy and quality of information presented in assigned documents
• Develops, maintains, and uses necessary templates, formats, and styles to ensure that documents generated meet industry, internal, and medical team requirements

Tactical/ Operational
• Provides tactical inputs to facilitate the implementation of content strategy for key therapy areas across Biopharmaceuticals Group EM
• Assesses document requirements, gauging their complexity and identifying information gaps
• Work with the Launch excellence function within Medical Excellence to facilitate relevant & timely literature search, content curation & development for launch-focused activities
• Assists in coordinating activities of other team members to ensure the quality and accuracy of their contributions
• Produces analytics reports and project scorecards as required in line with decided KPIs and sharing these with the line manager
• Collates team reports for each region to share with the medical team
• Delivers assigned documents on or before deadline, alerting project teams in a timely manner of any anticipated delays, information gaps or potential shortcomings in quality
• Monitors milestones, identifying potential risks and assist in resolving any identified issues
• Assists in improving visibility and socialization of medical content deliverables to improve overall efficiency
• Facilitate creation of a robust feedback mechanism to ensure periodic inputs from stakeholders
• Actively participate in daily management of the content team. Ensure that the day-to-day activities are conducted smoothly
• Under supervision from line manager, conduct training and onboarding of newly hired colleagues

Project Planning, Execution and Delivery
• Assist in the development of content plans based on overall strategic directives
• Prioritize and multitask to enhance productivity and manage workload within the team
• Under supervision from line manager, communicate with stakeholders regarding project progress to cross functional teams and ensuring that quality standards are being met and to optimize efficiency
• Conduct quality control assessments of assigned deliverables as required
• Liaise with external vendors to build a roster of preferred agencies to support the COE

• Assist in identifying technology solutions to enable better information availability and dissemination

Skills Required

• Post-graduate degree in Pharmaceutical Science or Life sciences
• Prior work experience in medical and scientific writing
• Technical skills: Knowledge of “pharmaceutical medicine” including clinical pharmacology, medical and paramedical sciences, medicine and medical statistics, and relevant Therapeutic Area/Products. Familiarity with epidemiological principles and concepts is desirable. Working knowledge of tools such as OvidSP and other bibliographic databases such as Pubmed, Medline, Embase and Biosis
• Writing skills: Excellent writing skills
• Analytic skills: Ability to examine data, formulate reasonable hypotheses, and design and execute analyses to test them. Analytical skills and reasoning, and sound medical judgment/decision making
• Language skill: High fluency in written English and strong functional fluency in spoken English.
• Personal skills. Strong organizational skills and ability to prioritize multiple projects and meet deadlines.
• Interpersonal skills: Effective influencing and negotiating skills, including when appropriate an ability to guide decision-making for document content strategy. Ability to work well with all levels and roles in cross-functional, global teams.
• Digital skills: Understanding of digital content development and associated concepts is beneficial (heuristics, user experience, etc.)
• Regulatory knowledge: Familiarity with global regulatory guidance (especially ICH, FDA and EMA) relevant to clinical and safety data.
• Software: Previous experience with software commonly used to present and analyze data and experience with searching academic databases (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) is preferred.

About the Client

A leading multinational pharmaceutical corporation



Minimum Experience:

5+ years

Additional Skills:

  • Report writing
  • Document Editing
  • Whitepapers
  • Document Review
  • content develpment
  • content
  • Proof reading

No of open positions:


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