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Consultant - Senior Engineer Rails/Ruby

A Global not-for-profit organization

 Mumbai / Navi Mumbai, Delhi / NCR, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad

Posted on:  5/05/2022

Cinque Terre

Starts on:  18/05/2022


Information Technology


Software Development - web technologies, Project/Program Management, Technology Operations and Support, Hardware and Network administration, Technology Management, Software Development - Ruby, Software Development - PHP,


IT Services & Consulting

Company Details

A Global not-for-profit organization

Assignment Details

Our client is a global not-for-profit organization. They are looking for a Senior Rails Engineer to help accomplish their goal of partnering with countries to save 100 million lives in 30 years. The ideal candidate embraces learning about the challenges, has solved common Rails production challenges (especially at scale), and can work effectively with our entirely remote team.

They have developed a free, open source app used by healthcare workers to better manage patients with high blood pressure. By allowing doctors to track patient care over time, we can help them control blood pressure and prevent heart attacks and strokes.

The consultant will play a key role in helping them grow the software, keeping it fast and reliable while providing valuable data to public health programs we support. He/She will also help build and nurture the team, creating an engineering culture that is effective, supportive, and understands the big picture of what we’re working on.


The app consists of a Ruby on Rails server that provides a web dashboard for public health workers as well as a sync API for the offline-first mobile app.

The web dashboard provides aggregated reports at the regional and clinic levels, allowing public health officers to see what’s working and address program issues in the field. Our reports are used to help return patients to care, ensure drugs are in stock, and assist hospital administrators in staffing and training needs.

Some example projects -

Crafting dashboard charts and data pipeline that provide public health experts with a clear story of how patients and clinics are doing
Adding an A/B testing framework for discovering the most effective reminders for patients to return for care
Collaborating with our Android team to improve API endpoints and ensure they’re flexible and reliable
Performance profiling and alerts to ensure our app scales to tens of millions of patients over time
Improving how our app is deployed in AWS, on-premise servers in government data centers, and in other third-party cloud services

User experience is critical to our success, so you will be working with our design team to make sure that we’re iterating quickly, as getting health data into official hands will help save lives. Our app needs to be easy to understand, for users and developers. Your work will have a real, tangible impact on peoples’ lives.

Please note that the consultant will have to follow US work timings.

Skills Required

Technical experience:
-Very fluent with Ruby and Rails development
-Strong understanding of Rails conventions and object-oriented principles
-Knowledge of ActiveRecord, indexes, and caching
-Embrace testing and continuous integration
-Launched and maintained production Rails apps at scale
-Hands-on architectural experience with modern cloud infrastructure and managing apps that are growing quickly
-Supported production APIs and user-facing components

Assignment Duration

12 month(s)

Capacity Required

Full Time

No. of Positions


Nature of Work


Profile Requirements

Experience: 10+ years

Qualification : Post Graduate or Higher

fleXpertise required

softwareRuby ITcloud infrastructure Engineer Rails development




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