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Senior Strategy Consultant for a benchmarking and forecasting study

A global Business Support Service provider

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Posted on:  7/12/2022

Cinque Terre

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A global Business Support Service provider

Assignment Details

Our client, a global Business Support Service provider, is looking for a report in written (MS Word) and PowerPoint form to support a project to develop and operate a new Port in Oman. The Port will be developed as a General Cargo and Petroleum storage and transshipment port. Essentially, it will be an aggregation point for oil and gas cargo from the Middle East passing through the Straits of Hormuz, before being shipped to other parts of the world.

The report should include

1. Market analysis, including historical, existing, and future, demand and supply of:
• Shipping traffic passing through the Straits of Hormuz and calling upon the Port of Fujairah, Port of Sohar, and Port of Duqm.
• General cargo volumes historical, current and future for the Port of Suwaiq.
• Oil and Gas cargo volumes passing through the Straits of Hormuz and Port of Fujairah. Broken down by origin and destination.
• Shore based Oil and Gas storage capacity in the Port of Fujairah and Port of Duqm.
• Floating storage capacity, including ship-to-ship (STS) transfer volumes
• Oil and Gas trading activities in the region, specifically in Fujairah. Current and projected.
• Bunker demand and supply in Fujairah and Oman. Current and projected.
• Key Customers with volumes - Shipping and Oil and Gas
• Competitors with capacity for Oil and Gas Storage
2. Benchmarking analysis of port tariffs, STS charges, tank storage charges, throughput fees, and any other port charges, and fees. Turnaround times, Ship waiting times, etc. Against the Port of Fujairah, Port of Sohar, and Port of Duqm.
3. Benefits of developing the Port -forecasting study for the next 35 years
• Expected GDP that can be generated
• Number of jobs created
• Multiplier effect in terms of maritime and oil and gas industry opportunities from the development of the new Port.
• Any other socio-economic benefits
4. Industry pain points from customers using the Port of Fujairah, Port of Sohar, and Port of Duqm.

This project requires 2-3 days per week of capacity for the duration of 1 month. Also, a Full-Time Associate/Analyst will help with the market research.

Skills Required

1. Consulting experience with a top-tier consulting firm
2. Strong data analysis and report-writing skills
3. Comfort with doing hands-on research & data analysis
4. Comfort with speaking to industry experts to validate hypotheses & points of view as needed
5. Experience in the Oil & Gas industry

Assignment Duration

1 month(s)

Capacity Required

15-20 Hrs/Week

No. of Positions


Nature of Work


Profile Requirements

Experience: 10+ years

Qualification : Post Graduate or Higher

fleXpertise required

Oil and GasConsultingBusiness PlanningData AnalyticsBusiness PresentationsBusiness & Financial Projections


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