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Access subject matter expertise and deep-dive on specific topics over a phone call



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Expertise Request

Please mention in 1-2 lines the basic objective of the call and type of topics you would like to cover.

Highlight specific topics that the consultant should have expertise in. These could be product-market niches like vaccines manufacturing, financial inclusion in Africa, etc or knowledge niches like circuit design, international IP Law etc. Separate each topic/expertise area by a comma, auto-create tags.

Please enter the names of a few example organisations that you want experts to have worked with.
Please mention the types of roles you want the experts to have familiarity with.

This is to ensure that the candidate has the prerequisite knowledge and will be able to give satisfactory insight on the topics. You can enter a maximum of 10 questions. We will forward you an expert's self assessment on whether they are confident on the various aspects of the topic.