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Trends in freelancing

Three Takeaways for your (Freelance) Talent Strategy

Written by: Flexing It 19/12/2023 4 minutes read
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Freelancer strategy

As a category creator and leader in the professional freelance sector in Asia, Flexing It has a 360-degree view of this fast evolving space and has built capabilities to meet business needs and challenges in an efficient, effective and scalable way.

When it comes to accessing on-demand talent, what differentiates progressive talent leaders from others? How have they leveraged pandemic-triggered workplace changes and innovations to build strong talent capabilities? How are organisations adapting to attract this dynamic talent pool? How are such innovations being institutionalised in the context of a broader talent strategy? What processes are being re(engineered) to meet flexi-talent needs? How are hiring managers driving this transformation? How is Flexing It's solutions approach addressing these critical talent challenges?

In our year-end note, we share three quick takeaways to inform your (freelance) talent strategy in 2024.

Curated talent across key skill areas is driving faster freelance talent adoption

Organisations are seeking curated, verified independent talent and bespoke teams that can be onboarded with a short turnaround time to meet specific business challenges. This shift is driven by the need for business agility, requirement for emerging and niche skills, and access to the right talent at the right cost.

Over the past year, we have curated ready-to-onboard talent pools across diverse skill sets across marketing & branding, data science & analytics, digital transformation projects and more.

Access our curated pools and reach out to us to build your own!

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Large enterprises are incorporating professional gig models to drive innovative talent strategies

On-demand talent is rapidly emerging as a reliable and competitive talent channel in building new capabilities, reacting to market dynamics with agility, and driving corporate priorities like ESG and DEI. Flexing It offers an end-to-end model from design, piloting to scaling of freelance talent programs.

Flexing It launched its Enterprise Suite mid-year to complement its work with large enterprises. We provide support to businesses in mapping internal skill needs, developing an internal business case, (re)engineer their systems and processes to attract high quality freelance talent, help evangelise within the organisation to generate sufficient demand, and most importantly, deliver demonstrable value to business managers and teams.

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Fee benchmarking and project pricing are critical in securing the right talent at the right cost

While the reasons that drive companies to explore freelance talent as an additional talent channel are well documented, hiring managers work with specific budgets in mind, and hence it is important to match them to the right talent. Understanding industry trends for in-demand skills and freelancer fee benchmarks are important in arriving at a budget during the requirement stage.

FeeBee, our proprietary fee benchmarking and project pricing tool, uses unique pricing data with over 600,000+ data points, and helps inform your budgeting process. For example, our data shows that the quality of freelance experience has a huge impact on fees – up to 3x differential from median fees for high skilled talent.

Access FeeBee’s project budgeting tool to benchmark your freelance project costs.

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