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Customer Success Stories

How Flexing It Led Workforce Management Success in a Global Consulting Firm

Written by: Flexing It 15/09/2023 3 minutes read
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Workforce consulting

A leading global management consulting firm faced optimization challenges in their workforce management practices. These caused suboptimal resource allocation, reduced productivity, and operational inefficiencies. It became crucial to address these issues and unlock their true potential.

To address the issue directly, the firm enlisted the support of Flexing It. They brought a skilled HR consultant on board with 10+ years of extensive expertise in implementing workforce planning tools. This strategic partnership set the stage for notable transformations. The consultant demonstrated critical business thinking, negotiation skills, Agile practices, and proficiency in the English language.

The project aimed to identify key impact areas and build an internal business case for a talent platform. The consultant quantified specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), highlighting potential improvements that could be achieved. To establish a realistic performance baseline, they conducted benchmarking exercises and implemented goal-setting and progress tracking by comparing the firm's KPIs with industry peers.

Through their expertise, the consultant recommended changes across people, processes, and technology to enhance productivity and foster a culture of continuous improvement. The focus was on optimizing case management staffing levels and achieving operational efficiency. Accurate budget forecasts and the development of staffing and metric models provided a solid basis for data-driven decision-making.

The consultant's involvement had a noticeable impact as operational efficiency increased, productivity improved, and staff allocation was enhanced. The case management process operated smoothly, showcasing the power of specialized knowledge.

The collaboration between the management consulting firm and the consultant exemplifies the value of strategic partnerships. By leveraging the consultant's expertise, their collaborative effort resulted in a refined workforce management approach, positioning the firm for continued success.

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