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Customer Success Stories

Transforming HR Ecosystems through Strategic Consultancy

Written by: Flexing It 11/06/2024 2 minutes read
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Transforming HR Ecosystems through Strategic Consultancy

Digitisation and innovative strategies are essential to staying competitive in human resources. Flexing It recently partnered with a Japanese firm, to assemble an expert consulting team to enhance its HR ecosystem and digitise recruitment processes.

Project Scope

The Japanese firm's internal strategy and innovation team is required to map the HR candidate journey, classify it into pre and post-onboarding phases, and identify attractive areas for further deep dives into HR tech trends.

Team Structure

Flexing It curated helped in the shortlisting, interviewing and onboarding of a team of highly experienced consultants to meet the project's objectives:

  • Senior Consultant: A former engagement Manager with extensive international business experience specialising in strategy, digital topics, and innovation. This consultant has a background in working with Series A-D A-funded startups on strategy and finance projects.
  • Consultant 1: A Strategy Analyst with six years of experience managing international projects across various geographies and industries. Consultant 2: An ex-management consultant with a data analytics and financial operations background and has executed hundreds of initiatives in a banking merger.

Key Deliverables

The consulting team delivered several critical outputs:

  • End-to-End HR Candidate Journey Mapping: The team meticulously mapped the candidate journey, dividing it into pre and post-onboarding phases.
  • Robust MECE Framework: All research and recommendations were structured using the MECE (Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive) framework, ensuring clarity and comprehensiveness.
  • Identification of Attractive HR Tech Trends: The team segregated business models and new-age HR tech trends, pinpointing areas with the highest potential for further exploration.

Flexing It continues to empower organisations by forming tailored consulting teams to tackle complex projects. The successful collaboration with the Japanese firm underscores Flexing It's capability to assemble teams swiftly and at a fraction of the cost.

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