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How Expert Consulting Teams Build Strategic Marketing Solutions

Written by: Flexing It 17/06/2024 2 minutes read
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How Expert Consulting Teams Build Strategic Marketing Solutions

The expertise of specialised consulting teams is invaluable for meeting strategic marketing objectives. Their ability to brainstorm and craft innovative ideas can make all the difference in achieving marketing success.

Flexing It collaborated with a leading firm to build a team of top consultants to develop a channel engagement strategy for a new business in the building and construction industry.

Project Scope

The project aimed primarily to discover the best marketing practices of prominent companies in the building and construction field. Additionally, it aimed to understand the planning and execution stages within the architect and interior designer domain.

Team Structure

Flexing It curated a team of highly experienced consultants to achieve the project's objectives.


  • Lead Consultant: A marketing professional with over 16 years of experience across various industries, including telecom, chemicals, FMCG packaged foods, and BFSI. The consultant has a proven track record of developing entry strategies for international companies and structuring strategic partnerships.
  • Industry-Specific Experts: The team engaged in over 10 hours of calls with senior industry experts in home furnishing and interior design to gain insights into driving sales strategically

Key Deliverables

The consulting team delivered several critical outputs:

  • Loyalty and Engagement Programs: Established the parameters for loyalty and engagement programs to improve customer acquisition and retention.
  • Marketing Initiatives: Designed comprehensive marketing initiatives across offline and online channels, including media partnerships.


At Flexing It, we are dedicated to empowering organisations with bespoke consulting teams that propel projects from all domains (from Tech to Marketing) towards success. Our efficient system helps clients form teams swiftly and affordably, managing all paperwork from contracting to invoicing.

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