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Customer Success Stories

Empowering Non-Profit Success: Flexing It's Financial Analyst Consultant Creates a Marketable Financial Model for a Tech Org.

Written by: Flexing It 14/09/2023 3 minutes read
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Our client is a renowned non-profit technology organization that aims to drive social impact and technological advancement in various sectors. To scale their mission of bringing positive change through innovation, they needed the expertise of a Flexing it Financial Analyst consultant to develop a comprehensive and investor-compliant financial model.

The Flexing It consultant working remotely brings a wealth of experience in business analysis and financial modeling and excellent presentation skills.

To create a robust financial model, the analyst identified all key value drivers and impact parameters integral to the organization's roll-out strategy. They defined the top-down, roll-up, and bottom-up methodologies. A working wireframe as a foundation was developed based on the collected data.

The analyst performed an extrapolation of the business operations based on the plan while incorporating insights from the current data assets. Key metrics that would be crucial from private equity, aid, and development finance perspectives were designed in the financial model.

The final deliverable was an investment case for potential future equity, debt, or hybrid financing rounds with the exploration of possible exit scenarios.

After diligent efforts and expertise, the Financial Analyst delivered a comprehensive, investor-compliant financial model for the non-profit technology organization. The model encompassed operational plans, data assets, value drivers, impact parameters, scale-up milestones, growth plans, and key metrics from different financial perspectives.

The marketable financial model empowered the organization's leadership with valuable insights for strategic decision-making and potential fundraising efforts. It provided a clear investment case for future equity, debt, or hybrid financing rounds and allowed exploration of possible exit scenarios. With the meticulously crafted financial model, the client experienced accelerated growth, securing a sustainable future for their transformative endeavours.

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