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Enabling Strategic Feasibility Studies with Expert Consulting Teams

Written by: Flexing It 6/06/2024 3 minutes read
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Enabling Strategic Feasibility Studies with Expert Consulting Teams

As organisations venture into new territories, the importance of specialised consulting teams becomes increasingly critical as they bring expertise, skills and experience from various domains.

Flexing It helped a client form a team of independent experts to conduct a strategic feasibility study to assess the viability of creating an independent, local entity.

Project Scope

The project's core objective was to develop a comprehensive business plan to evaluate the feasibility of setting up a new local entity.

This entity would focus on content creation, digital service design, strategic consultancy, and communication implementation across various platforms.

Team Structure

Flexing It sourced a highly skilled and experienced team of consultants to carry out this feasibility study:

  • Team Lead: An ex-top-tier consultant with over 20 years of experience in healthcare, development, and impact sectors. The consultant specialises in strategic and institutional development, focusing on delivering services across the health, education, media, and telecom industries.
  • Financial Modeller and Primary Researcher: A former management consultant with 8 years of experience in financial modelling and conducting primary and secondary research, The expert brings a background in economic growth and development sector assignments.
  • Secondary Research Analyst: An IT engineer and MBA finance professional with five years of experience in strategy, market research, financial analysis, and consulting within the BFSI and IT industries.

Key Deliverables

The consulting team successfully delivered the following key outputs:

  1. Detailed Business Plan: An Excel-based business plan projecting 3-5 years ahead, including key assumptions, business drivers, and potential risks.
  2. Pitch Deck: A presentation summarising the business plan structure, essential assumptions, business drivers, and identified risks.

By leveraging Flexing It's platform, clients can efficiently form bespoke expert consulting teams to meet their strategic goals. With our streamlined system, clients can form teams quickly and cost-effectively while we take care of all paperwork, from contracting to invoicing.

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