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Customer Success Stories

Flexing It Addresses Critical Data Management Challenges for a Global Pharma Leader

Written by: Flexing It 15/09/2023 3 minutes read
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A global pharmaceuticals and biotechnology company, known for groundbreaking contributions to healthcare advancements, engaged the services of Flexing It to address critical challenges in data management for the APAC region.

Flexing It matched a highly skilled consultant proficient in data analytics, experience in project management and with strong communication abilities. The consultant was engaged on this fully onsite project for a period of twelve months. With Level 1 proficiency in Chinese, the consultant also effectively facilitated communication and collaboration with stakeholders in the APAC region.

During the course of the project, the consultant had an impact across multiple areas, and worked with various stakeholders along the way.

As the primary task, the consultant played a pivotal role in establishing a robust framework for data management across critical channels and tools. She meticulously analyzed the data using advanced statistical methods to derive actionable insights and generate critical business reports. Recognizing the importance of automation, she engineered a streamlined process for effortless data updates and designed dashboards, and developed data models that effectively portrayed emerging trends, empowering stakeholders to make well-informed decisions.

The consultant helped streamline budget management and monthly submissions, enabling adherence to financial protocols. She also provided active support during the launch of key commercial channels and enforced monitoring practices, thereby ensuring progress beyond the launch phase.

As a coordination point within the India-APAC region, the consultant spearheaded key projects by engaging and aligning stakeholders from various departments. Employing her communication skills In English and proficiency in Chinese helped foster productive collaboration and facilitated seamless knowledge exchange across teams.

Through this engagement, our client witnessed a remarkable improvement in data management practices, resulting in enhanced decision-making processes and operational efficiency. The client realized other benefits, including optimized financial management, improved stakeholder satisfaction, and heightened performance across various operations.

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