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Customer Success Stories

Data-Backed Success: How a Flexing It Consultant Helped Grow a Japanese Education App with Customer Insights

Written by: Flexing It 14/09/2023 3 minutes read
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A prominent Japanese education conglomerate specializing in education and publishing enlisted the expertise of a research consultant working remotely to conduct an in-depth user study for their digital education app tailored to children.

The chosen Flexing It consultant brings a wealth of research experience, specializing in analyzing user preferences and app ecosystem pain points.

To structure this project, they skillfully blended survey-based data collection with qualitative research, resulting in a comprehensive and insightful study.

The consultant uncovered the specific purposes for which customers utilized the education app, mapping out the cognitive pathway through which users engaged with the app's features and content. This helped improve user experience and heightened engagement.

Psychographic data collected, such as parents' educational background, annual household income, and the age of the children, enhanced a holistic understanding of the app users.

Critical touchpoints that influenced customer satisfaction leading to dissatisfaction with the app's services came to the foreground after the consultant engaged with the users for a prolonged period of time.

The project identified distinct customer segments based on demographic factors and user behavior. This segmentation enabled clients to tailor their app services and marketing strategies more effectively. The Flexing It consultant shed light on high-potential markets where the app has significant demand.

The research project's successful completion empowered the Japanese Education Conglomerate with valuable customer insights, facilitating data-driven decision-making for their education app. By implementing the consultant's recommendations, the client significantly improved app offerings, optimized user experience, and secured a robust market presence, advancing their mission of delivering high-quality education to children worldwide.

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