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Customer Success Stories

How Flexing It Maximized Visual and Video Impact of a Financial Services Powerhouse

Written by: Flexing It 15/09/2023 3 minutes read
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The client, a prominent financial services powerhouse in the Indian market, recognized the strategic importance of visual communication in their industry but lacked the necessary expertise and resources to create captivating visual narratives that resonate with their target audience.

The client engaged in Flexing It's consulting services to tackle this challenge. The project aimed to achieve three key objectives: graphical excellence, impactful video content, and brand cohesion. Flexing It assigned a consultant with graphic design and video editing expertise to lead the project remotely.

In the graphic design phase, the consultant conducted a comprehensive requirements analysis by closely studying design briefs and collaborating with the client's marketing and creative teams. The consultant created collaterals such as logos, illustrations, and other assets using industry-standard software tools like InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop. The consultant worked closely through a collaborative iteration process with the client's copywriters and creative director to integrate messaging into the designs seamlessly.

In the video design phase, the consultant thoroughly reviewed the scripts and raw materials. Leveraging their expertise in digital technology and editing software packages such as Avid Media Composer, Lightworks, Premiere, After Effects, and Final Cut, they skillfully edited footage to craft polished final films. The final product created a narrative flow that effectively showcased the client's story impactfully.

The collaboration between Flexing It and the financial services powerhouse resulted in graphic designs for various touchpoints that seamlessly aligned with the client's brand identity. This led to a more engaging and impactful brand presence. The video output showcased immersive storytelling and impactful multimedia integration. The expertise and skills of the Flexing It consultant brought significant improvements in their visual communication, reinforcing brand recognition and solidifying their overall brand presence.

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