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Customer Success Stories

Unmasking Consumer Insights: How Flexing It Helped an American FMCG Company Transform Its Market Position

Written by: Flexing It 15/09/2023 3 minutes read
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Consumer data insights

In a world where understanding consumer behavior holds the key to market dominance, a prominent American multinational FMCG company sought the expertise of a Flexing It talent to uncover critical consumer insights.

The company, renowned for its confectionary products, recognized the need to fortify its market position. However, they faced the challenge of unraveling the intricate web of consumer preferences amidst a rapidly changing D2C e-commerce landscape.

To tackle this conundrum, the company sought the expertise of a Flexing It Research Consultant. Armed with a wealth of experience in consumer behavior studies and proficiency in quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, the consultant shared their expertise in addressing the client's needs. Their expertise in tools like Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and KNIME enabled them to harness rigorous statistical data.

By coordinating efforts with research agencies such as NIELSEN and IPSOS, the Flexing It consultant ensured meticulous data collection and compliance with rigorous research protocols. This synergistic approach fostered effective communication channels, amplifying the potential for breakthrough insights.

The consultant crafted comprehensive and accurate research reports, serving as compasses that guided the client's strategic initiatives. The reports addressed specific research objectives and empowered the client's marketing and product development teams with actionable insights. This, in turn, sparked positive outcomes and tangible impact - improved product positioning, focused D2C e-commerce marketing campaigns, and increased consumer engagement. By gaining a deeper understanding of consumer preferences, the client successfully tapped into emerging market opportunities, resulting in measurable growth and a strengthened competitive position.

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