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Acing Technology Projects with Expert Consulting Teams

Written by: Acing Technology Projects with Expert Consulting Teams 17/06/2024 2 minutes read
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Acing Technology Projects with Expert Consulting Teams

Flexing It facilitated a project where a top-tier management consulting firm engaged with a team of consultants to to build a minimum viable product (MVP) for a $10B+ revenue IT services organisation.

Project Scope

The project aimed to develop a data collection and visualisation engine using Microsoft Power Apps and Power BI. Over four months, the consulting team was tasked with building form-based applications and integrating them into a comprehensive dashboard for real-time data processing and visualisation.

Team Structure

Flexing It brought together a highly skilled team of developers after a rigorous screening process to meet the project's objectives:

  • Lead Developer: A consultant with over 13 years of experience in software development, specialising in analysis, design, development, unit testing, Microsoft Power BI, coding, and database programming. This lead developer brought a wealth of expertise to the project, ensuring the highest standards of technical excellence.
  • Jr. Developer: With 4+ years of experience, the junior developer is highly skilled in designing, developing, and implementing Power Platform solutions. Their dedication and technical proficiency were crucial in achieving the project's deliverables.

Key Deliverables

The consulting team successfully delivered the following key outputs:

  • Data Collection/Ingestion Engine: Utilizing PowerApps, the team built an efficient data collection and ingestion system tailored to the client's needs.
  • Form-Based Applications: The team created user-friendly form-based applications, seamlessly integrated into a dynamic dashboard for enhanced data management and decision-making.

Flexing It continues to empower organisations by forming tailored consulting teams that drive technology projects to success. The partnership with the top-tier management consulting firm and the IT services organisation highlights Flexing It's capability to deliver cutting-edge solutions through expert freelance talent quickly and at a fraction of the cost.

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