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Customer Success Stories

Go-to-Market Success with Expert Consulting

Written by: Flexing It 13/06/2024 2 minutes read
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Go-to-Market Success with Expert Consulting

Ed-tech firms need innovative Go-To-Market strategies to achieve goals, and specialised consulting teams with diverse skills and experiences bring enormous value in deploying them.

Flexing It assisted a leading Japanese conglomerate in developing a go-to-market (GTM) strategy for their K12 Business to School to Customer (B2S2C) operations in India by shortlisting and onboarding a team of on-demand consulting experts.

Project Scope

The project's primary objective was to profile the business model and GTM growth strategy for key players in India, focusing on student assessment, smart classes, publishing, and university/college discovery.

Team Structure

Flexing It formed a team of highly experienced consultants to achieve the project's objectives:

  • Team Lead: An ex-engagement Manager at a consulting firm with extensive experience leading engagements in operations, technology, organisation, and strategy for multiple Fortune 500 companies.
  • Associate #1: A management consultant with over five years of experience at a tier 1 consulting firm, specialising in banks, NBFCs, insurance, and fintechs across various markets.
  • Associate #2: A strategy consultant with six years of experience from a premier MBA institute with expertise in financial and operational performance.
  • Key Deliverables

The consulting team delivered the following key outputs:

  • Business Case Development: Created a primary business case outlining the potential for the business over the next 3-5 years.
  • Growth Strategy Hypothesis: Formulated a hypothesis for the go-to-market strategy based on a thorough analysis of the B2S2C space.

Collaborating with the Japanese conglomerate to form a team under timelines and design a go-to-market strategy emphasises Flexing It's capability to deliver strategic solutions through an expert freelance talent pool.

With our streamlined system, clients can form teams quickly and cost-effectively, while we handle all paperwork, from contracting to invoicing.

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