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Leverage Flexible Talent

Flexing It is a curated platform that helps organisations connect with high quality consultants for short-term projects and deep dive subject matter calls.

We have a network of 60,000+ highly skilled independent consultants and subject matter experts drawn from top-tier institutes and leading strategic consulting firms, from diverse backgrounds - Strategy and Business Development, Marketing, HR, Finance, IT, Sales and Operations - to name a few.

Below are a few example areas where we believe your organisation could benefit by leveraging project-based resources.

- Drive strategic initiatives using experienced, independent management consultants
- Agile resources to test new ideas and pilot new business models, before committing additional headcount
- Cover for long absences, e.g. employees on sabbaticals or maternity leave, using skilled professionals
- Plug skill gaps in teams - especially in 'new age' areas such as data science, analytics etc.

We can help you connect to the right experts for short term projects or brief 1-2 hour consultations. Share your details to request a call back


Top project use cases

Consultant - Go to Market Strategy

Experience : 10+ years

Assignment Duration: one month

Capacity Required: 8-10 Hrs/Week

Work Nature: Remote

Consultant to design HR Risk Framework

Experience : 10+ years

Assignment Duration: one month

Capacity Required: Full Time

Work Nature: Both (On-Site and Remote)

Investment analyst

Experience : 4+ years

Assignment Duration: 3 month(s)

Capacity Required: Full Time

Work Nature: On-Site

Consultant - Global Shared Services/ Shared Services (Healthcare Industry)

Experience : 20+ years

Assignment Duration: 2 months

Capacity Required: 15-20 Hrs/Week

Work Nature: Remote

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