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Bringing you 'Talent on Demand' Solutions

Mumbai Angels has partnered with Flexing It™ to support their members, portfolio companies and the startup ecosystem with any requirements for project-based resources, business consultants or industry experts that they might have. We recognise that quality talent is often a major bottleneck as start-ups look to scale, and leveraging independent consultants and part-time resources can be an effective way to get this muscle at the pace and intensity needed.

Flexing It™ is a curated marketplace that helps organisations lever up their business by connecting them to a broad range of experienced professionals - marketing/branding gurus, strategy consultants, analytics support, industry advisors, HR & finance experts - on an 'on-demand' basis.


Get 15% discount on all plans - Register with Flexing It™ to post a project and we will send the discount code in your activation email.


For independent consultants or experts with deep functional/industry knowledge - Access interesting projects and expertise requests by registering with Flexing It™

Types of projects posted on our platform - check out charters that you can use for your next post

FeeBee - a smart fee benchmarking tool - to learn what consultants are charging in any specific domain

FleXpert - on-demand subject matter expertise

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