Thriving In The Future Workforce

Workplaces are constantly evolving. Increased diversity, application of technology, collaborative tools and increased globalisation have meant that workplaces have to constantly evolve to cope with the dynamic environment. At Flexing It, we're conducting a short survey to understand what you think the future of work will look like. The survey should take less than 8 minutes.

    what others are saying?

  • 77% of CEOs described talent gaps as a significant impediment to company growth and performance (PWC)
  • The ‘rise of the freelance worker’ is the top employment trend (Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM))
  • 20-30% of the current US & EU15 workforce are independent workers and by 2020 43% of the US workforce will be freelancing (Mckinsey)
  • Within 10 years, we will see a new global company with no full-time employees outside of the C -suite (Accenture)

The survey examines 3 major themes that we feel are key to the Future of Work:

TRENDS : Existing and Emerging

TECHNOLOGY : And its Impact

ORGANIZATIONAL READINESS : For the future workforce

As a survey participant you will receive the full results and insights on impacting trends, technology and skills you need to thrive.

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