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Dream Incubator Inc., Work Style Lab, Inc. and Flexing It Announce Strategic Partnership Focused on High-quality Flexible Workforce Solutions for the Japan-India Corridor

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Aug 5, 2019

Dream Incubator Inc., Work Style Lab, Inc. and Flexing It Services Pvt. Ltd. Announce Strategic Partnership Focused on High-quality Flexible Workforce Solutions for the Japan-India Corridor

Helping Clients Take a Seamless, Flexible Approach to Cross-Border Projects

Tokyo/Delhi, 5/8/19 – Dream Incubator Inc. (DI), Work Style Lab, Inc. (WSL) and Flexing It Services Pvt. Ltd. (Flexing It), today announced a strategic partnership, combining the forces of three leaders in highquality flexible workforce implementation to support Japan-based businesses expanding in India, as well as India-based clients operating in and exploring business opportunities in Japan.

DI is focused on capitalizing on, and meeting the needs of the growing shift towards an ‘on-demand’ talent model in the Japanese consulting industry. DI acquired WSL in August 2018 to provide a platform that would support matching business projects and freelance consultants in Japan.

Flexing It, headquartered in New Delhi, India, is a technology-driven platform that connects organizations to independent consultants and expertise on demand, and helps them manage their flexible workforce seamlessly. With over 65,000 professionals, Flexing It has Asia’s largest community of experienced independent consultants and flexible talent across skill-sets including strategy, marketing, project management, supply chain among many others.

Responding to a surge in the number of Japan-India cross-border projects, especially in market entry, this partnership creates seamless access to top-tier flexible expertise to help Japanese businesses in India. The partnership will also support Indian corporations, including the new wave of startups, looking to develop and rapidly scale their businesses in Japan. Additionally, the partnership’s combined network and experience will provide freelance consultants in both countries a variety of exciting opportunities to work on cross-border projects and, expand their capabilities and expertise.

“ DI strongly believes that a society which strategically leverages professional talent on demand from the world over will emerge in the near future. This trend began first in the US, has gained solid ground in Western Europe, is rapidly increasing in India and has recently manifested itself even in Japan. Following last year’s partnership with Catalant from the US, this strategic partnership with Flexing It from India is another step forward in creating a network of clients and freelancers in Japan and globally.”
(Kyohei “Kay” Hosono, Director, Board Member, Dream Incubator Inc.)

“ For the last ten years, WSL has been helping freelance consultants in Japan access interesting project opportunities. Through this collaboration with Flexing It, we aim to deliver even greater value to both our freelance consultants and client organizations.”
(Daijiro Miura, CEO, Work Style Lab, Inc.)

“ The Professional Gig Economy has grown rapidly in India over the past several years and it is estimated that one in four freelancers globally is from India. At Flexing It, we have seen rapid adoption of flexible talent by large corporates, professional services firms and startups in order to access the best expertise and become more agile. We are excited about the synergies with DI and WSL, and better serving our growing community of experts and consultants.”
(Chandrika Pasricha, Founder & CEO, Flexing It Services Pvt. Ltd.)

• About Dream Incubator Inc. (

DI, “the Business Producing Company”, is engaged in strategy consulting, financial advisory, and investment, satisfying critical needs from entrepreneurs, large corporate and governmental institutions. DI was founded in 2000 to provide support to challengers for new business so that more businesspersons try new businesses in Japan and Asia.

• About Work Style Lab, Inc. (

Work Style Lab, Inc. is a talent management company which is providing matching platform for freelance consultants, experts especially in the Japanese consulting market. WSL was founded in 2009 to connect business projects, mostly strategic, to consultants on demand.

• About Flexing It Services Pvt. Ltd. (

Flexing It ( is a curated platform that helps organizations access independent consultants and flexible talent and provides solutions to manage them at scale. Flexing It was launched in 2014, and currently has 65,000+ professionals on our platform, and services 2000+ companies globally. Our clients range from Fortune 100 companies, top-tier consulting firms, investors, leading development sector organizations as well as startups.

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