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Flexing It's CEO on XLRI Delhi-NCR's 'Managing Talent' Session: A Collaborative Insight

Written by: Flexing It 24/01/2024 3 minutes read
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At Flexing It, we have the opportunity to interact with Talent Leaders and their teams, share insights from this dynamic talent cohort, and help support their business needs. We also interact with freelance consultants to understand their needs and support them in matching them with the right opportunities. Beyond our business interactions, we also actively invest and engage with a broad audience through events, data-driven trends and insights, reports and media interactions.

Our founder and CEO, Chandrika Pasricha, was recently invited to be part of a teaching case study around "Managing Talent" at the XLRI Delhi-NCR campus by Krish Shankar, an industry expert who has managed and led large talent teams with reputed organisations. This particular case study was interesting as Krish took an innovative approach to learning through entrepreneurial experiences. Chandrika joined Rangarajan Iyengar, Kevin Freitas, Anandorup Ghose, Arvind Usretay, and Dr S. Naga Siddharth to share the Flexing It experience.

Chandrika provided context and insights on the strategic choices and decisions in three critical areas - Technology, Leadership Talent and Operational Excellence. Given the senior team joined the company at various times, the effort also helped them appreciate and reflect on the journey, and recognise the opportunities in the future.

"This collaboration allowed me to share my personal experience as an entrepreneur and contribute to future leaders' thinking and it was very fulfilling. Participating in the session, interacting with students and responding to their questions reminded me that I need to stay agile and curious as we move forward." - Chandrika Pasricha.

Recognised by the Financial Times as one of the fastest-growing startups in Asia, the growth story of Flexing It was an essential part of the program curriculum. The case study on Flexing It focused on talent implications, including hiring leaders with deep expertise in the freelance space.

'As the company continues to scale, we remain unwavering in our commitment to cultivating a culture deeply rooted in execution excellence. We recognise the imperative of maintaining profitability while upholding a frugal mindset, ensuring sustainable and responsible growth. As we set our sights on a 3X expansion within the next two years, we focus on nurturing a culture of innovation and excellence that has brought us this far." Chandrika, CEO of Flexing It, articulates the company's mission.

Meanwhile, managing white-collar talent has turned a new leaf post-COVID, with top-tier professionals adopting a flexible consulting approach. With over 80k consultants and 3000+ clients on board, Flexing It strategically manages this growing freelance talent community in its growth phase through a technology-centric process, leadership talent selection, and execution excellence.

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