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Trends in freelancing

Mastering Managed Talent Mix for Organisational Success

Written by: Flexing It 6/05/2024 3 minutes read
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Organisations leveraging a managed talent mix have adeptly incorporated a freelance strategy into their workforce.

  • Between 25-50% of the workforce comprises agile workers.
  • The freelance experts are strategically deployed across various business functions and initiatives.
  • Systems are in place to successfully integrate freelance talent into its workforce strategy.
  • Core processes and roles are aligned towards a blended workforce model.

Several progressive organisations (e.g. Google and Unilever) have successfully implemented similar models, leveraging an optimised workforce to drive agility, access niche skills, and reduce costs across their global operations.

Next Steps For Sustained Success:

Since talent management unfolds is an ongoing cycle, begin by assessing the company's workforce requirements. Then, attract and onboard individuals who align with the company's strategic trajectory. Subsequently, nurture and oversee the workforce to sustain high levels of engagement and productivity.

We recommend actionable steps to align the flexible talent program with your organisation's overall talent management strategy.

  • Continuously monitor and optimise your freelance talent strategy based on evolving business needs, market trends, and stakeholder feedback.
  • Develop strategic partnerships with niche talent sources, industry associations, and academic institutions to expand your access to high-quality freelance talent across diverse skill areas.
  • Implement advanced analytics and reporting capabilities to gain deeper insights into your freelance talent segment's performance, utilisation, and impact.

Reinforce a culture that celebrates agility, innovation, and effective collaboration between diverse talent segments. This may involve implementing recognition and reward programs, facilitating cross-functional knowledge sharing, and promoting best practices in blended workforce management

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