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Insights from Schneider R&D Marketplace 2023: Exploring Skilled Freelancers with Flexing It

Written by: Flexing It 5/02/2024 2 minutes read
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Flexing It Team at Schneider Electric Event in Bengaluru

Shivani and Suchi, representing Flexing It, attended the inaugural Schneider R&D Marketplace event in 2023. Hosted by Schneider's R&D Business Unit, it provided an opportunity to explore the progress, achievements, and plans of different units within the company.

Diving into On-Demand Talent Discussions

One notable aspect of the event was the keen interest in the flexible talent shown by our team. They dispelled common misconceptions surrounding freelancing, emphasising that many professionals actively choose this path for its flexibility and for getting the best out of their specialised skill sets. Through examples and discussions, our members shared the motivations behind freelancing, shedding light on its appeal to seasoned experts.

Engagement with HR Leaders

Further underscoring the interest in flexible talent, several HR leaders explored Flexing It's Enterprise product, engaging in demos to understand the capabilities better.

To foster interaction and engagement, Flexing It also organised an interactive quiz and introduced a QR code scan for attendees to contribute project ideas or propose freelancing roles within their teams.

Throughout the event, discussions with the SE teams touched on various aspects of flexible talent management. Queries ranged from the feasibility of part-time freelancers to the specifics of talent verification, payroll management, and data security.

Focused Queries on Freelancer Integration

Attendees were particularly interested in understanding the sourcing procedures, onboarding processes, and fee benchmarking, reflecting a growing curiosity about effectively integrating freelancers into their teams.

flexing it in schneider marketplace

Highlighting Skill Areas of Interest

In addition to general inquiries, specific skill areas garnered attention from the SE team, such as Electrical Domain expertise, Research and Analysis capabilities, Case Study and White Paper Writing, emerged as critical areas of interest, indicating potential avenues for collaboration and skill utilisation within Schneider's R&D ecosystem.

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