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Trends in freelancing

Master the Art of Building a Scalable Talent Strategy

Written by: Flexing It 6/05/2024 3 minutes read
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Industry standards indicate that organisations adopting a Scalable Talent Strategy typically allocate 10-25% of their workforce to expert freelancers using their deep expertise for specialised functions such as digital transformation, data analytics, and product innovation.

A Scalable Talent Strategy involves

  1. Flexible Hiring and Agility: Adaptable recruitment practices allow for quick adjustments in workforce size by hiring freelance specialists to meet changing demands, such as market shifts, without disrupting operations.
  2. Improved Efficiency: Targeted on-demand talent acquisition optimises workforce productivity and reduces costs (the average cost of permanent hire is 4700 USD) associated with turnover and poor hires.
  3. Culture of Innovation: Including niche freelance talent to innovate shapes a workforce environment conducive to idea generation and future leadership potential.

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Streamlining the flexible Talent Management processes for expert freelancers involves

  • A review of your talent acquisition and management processes to ensure they are optimised for seamless integration and management of freelance talent at scale (e.g., streamlining sourcing channels, onboarding workflows, performance management frameworks, and offboarding procedures).
  • Form a dedicated project management office (PMO) to oversee the program's success.
  • Identifying opportunities for further expansion or optimisation based on evolving business needs and strategic priorities.

Establishing robust governance and monitoring mechanisms to ensure consistent adherence to policies, processes, and best practices for managing freelance talent across the organisation.

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