FeeBee’s inception and mission:

We conducted a survey a few months ago about consultant and freelancers' fees and found two surprising facts:

This clear information gap led to the inception of FeeBee – the smart fee benchmarking tool for independent consultants, through which consultants can find out what their peers charged for similar projects in their area of specialisation, and companies can determine how much should they pay a professional for any specific project.

The beta version of FeeBee, our community-driven fee benchmarking tool, was launched in January 2016 for business freelancers and independent consultants with a goal to remove a key source of ambiguity from freelancing and working independently i.e., how to price one’s time and services. The data collected through Feebee is regularly updated to provide credible fee benchmarks and ranges to freelancers and companies both.

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What information does FeeBee provide?

You will be asked to input the broad skill area and sub-skill you wish to see benchmarks for, post which FeeBee will display

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